Rockin Tacos at the Okaloosa Island Boardwalk

Rockin Tacos is located on the upstairs level of the Boardwalk on Okaloosa Island (above the retail shops).  They serve fresh Mexican food paired with an amazing view of the beach and the Okaloosa Island Pier. I have heard so many great things about this place and finally had a chance to check it out when I was at the Boardwalk recently.

Rockin Tacos Okaloosa Island Florida

Look for this sign to get up to Rockin Tacos    ((Image Source:

Rockin Tacos has an indoor dining area as well as an outdoor patio with panoramic beach views. The atmosphere is beachy, fun and lively. They even have an outdoor pool table!

Rockin Tacos Okaloosa Island Florida

Patio and outdoor pool table at Rockin Tacos    ((Image Source:

I sat at the outdoor side of the bar and enjoyed a glass of wine while looking over the menu. I really like the bar at Rockin Tacos in which the outside portion of the bar faces into the restaurant.

Rockin Tacos Okaloosa Island Florida

The indoor/outdoor bar at Rockin Tacos  ((Image by Sarah at The Good Life Destin))

I wasn’t super hungry so I just ordered the “Table Side Guacamole” after inquiring with the bartender about whether it was OK to order this at the bar rather than a table. She assured me it was no problem. I have never had my guacamole made right in front of me before (I’m so particular about guacamole that I usually make it myself) and it was a really fun experience.

She showed me the ingredients one by one before mixing them (lime juice, onions, jalapeno peppers, tomato, cilantro) to verify that I wanted everything in there.  The guacamole was excellent and the salsa was as well. Everything tasted fresh and authentic.  The chips were thin and crispy which I highly prefer to the thicker ones.

Rockin Tacos Okaloosa Island

My table side guacamole being prepared   ((Image by Sarah at The Good Life Destin))

The food and service were great but the most important element of any restaurant is the atmosphere for me. I find that most places fail on some small atmosphere elements but this place gets it right. From the open air feeling of the inside of the restaurant and bar to the fun breezy patio where you can watch all the activity happening on the beach below, the vibe here is just perfect. The music was also at just the right volume level for this type of place (as loud as possible but without it being challenging to carry on a conversation).

The Okaloosa Island fireworks go off from the end of the pier at 9pm every Wednesday all summer and I could tell that Rockin Tacos was going to have an amazing view of them. After dinner, I set up my tripod in the corner of the deck to capture them. The view certainly did not disappoint!

Rockin Tacos Okaloosa Island

My view of the Okaloosa Island fireworks from Rockin Tacos ((Image by Sarah at The Good Life Destin))

I had high expectations for this place given the raving reviews of my friends as well as their high Trip Advisor rankings. My expectations were certainly met. I had an amazing night and will return soon to update this post because there are several other things on the menu I want to try.

Click here to see the Rockin Tacos Menu

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