The 4 Best Places to Watch the Destin Harbor Fireworks

There is never a shortage of fireworks shows on Destin Harbor! Every Thursday during the summer, Harborwalk Village in Destin, Florida has a fireworks show as the finale to their Red, White and Blue Hero’s Celebration.  The fireworks usually start at 9pm and are set off over the water of Destin Harbor. There are also fireworks over Destin Harbor for other events such as July 4th, Cinco De Mayo, Labor Day, Seafood Festival, Fishing Rodeo (every Saturday in October), Christmas Boat Parade and New Years Eve.

First let’s start with a map of the harbor area. The stuff I drew on here is not exact but hopefully it gives you an idea of the layout of everything. The approximate location of the fireworks boat that sets them off is marked with an “X”. As I go through my list I will keep referring to this map. (You should be able to make it larger by clicking on it)



1. Destin Harbor and Harborwalk Village

The fireworks can be seen from pretty much anywhere along the waterfront of Harborwalk Village and Destin Harbor Boardwalk. This is the area marked in purple on the map which runs all the way from the Emerald Grande to The Inn on Destin Harbor with the closer views being more on the Emerald Grande side of the line.

Some of the best Destin Harbor fireworks views are actually from the restaurants along Destin Harbor. Margaritaville, Jackacudas, Harry T’s, and Crab Island Cantina all have great views of the fireworks so that makes it easy to combine dinner with the fireworks show. If you are eating dinner at any of these waterfront restaurants in Harborwalk Village, ask for a table with a view of them. Even restaurants further down the harbor such as AJ’s, Tailfins, Dewey Destin’s and The Boathouse also have nice views.


Fireworks View from Crab Island Cantina at Harborwalk Village

Destin Harbor Fireworks

Fireworks from dining area inside Harry T’s restaurant. This was a rainy evening which is why the window flaps are there


Fireworks View from Margaritaville’s Landshark Landing at Harborwalk Village

GLBlog-1-8 - Copy

Fireworks a bit further down from AJ’s Seafood and Oyster Bar


Fireworks from The Inn on Destin Harbor. A more distant view but still really pretty


2. The Highway 98 bridge over East Pass

This viewing area is represented in blue on the map. The bridge has a pedestrian walkway so it’s a safe place to be standing. The fireworks view from here is beautiful and there are rarely any other people around (except a few people fishing from the bridge) so it offers a more peaceful fireworks watching environment that is still relatively easy to get to. You can park in the main parking lot at Harborwalk Village/Emerald Grande and then walk from there. The walk will take about 10 minutes. It is not necessary to walk very far over the bridge for a great view. Anywhere on the bridge is fine.

Fireworks from the Destin Bridge

Fireworks from the Destin Bridge


3. Okaloosa Island Harbor Beach Area

I don’t know what else to call this beach area but it is represented in green on the map. To get to this spot you would drive west over the Destin bridge (towards Fort Walton Beach) and immediately on the other side of the bridge turn left into a parking area there. From the parking area you would walk along the water to find your spot (The walk from the parking lot is represented by the red dots on the map). This area takes some extra effort to get to but this is the closest you will get to the fireworks boat (without being in the water on a boat) so the fireworks will look huge from here.



4. Norriego Point

This viewing area is represented in pink on the map. Norriego Point is a public beach area in Destin, Florida. It is a white sand peninsula stretching out in the water between Destin Harbor and the East Pass that heads out to the Gulf of Mexico.

To get to Norriego Point you would turn south on Gulf Shore Drive off Highway 98 and drive until it dead ends. There is a small parking lot at the end with about 10 spots but if that is full then there is street parking all along the road. See the orange arrows on the map which shows the way to drive to get here.

Once you start walking out on the sand you will see a hill of sand dunes in the middle of the “island”. To the right will usually be boats that are beached on the shore and Harborwalk Village across the water. To the left will be a huge area of sand along the water. For the best fireworks viewing set up your spot on the left side towards the water as far out as you feel like walking.

Be warned: this viewing spot requires a lot of walking through sand. It is one of the best views you will get of the fireworks but it requires by far the most effort to get to. The walking path is represented in red dots on the map.

Fireworks from Norriego Point

Fireworks from Norriego Point

If you are feeling even more ambitious, climb up the hill to the highest area of Norriego Point (Look for walking paths up the hill; do not walk through the dunes) for an amazing view where you will see the fireworks on one side and Harborwalk Village beautifully lit up on the other side.


Fireworks from the highest spot on Norriego Point

I hope this article was helpful to you in your hunt for the perfect fireworks spot. Always feel free to ask me any questions here or on Facebook.

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